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We want your orders to arrive quickly and safely. As such, we use whatever shipping carrier will perform that duty the best. For most orders, however, we will use the following carriers.


Below are the shipping terms for orders placed with Endless Prints. Please read them before placing your order to eliminate any issues related to the shipping process.

Endless Prints reserves the right to select the shipping carrier used for all orders. We currently use UPS and FedEx. We will not ship to PO Box addresses and therefore, we cannot ship to a PO Box. Endless Prints cannot split shipments for the same order and ship one order to two different places. We do not provide a pricing or weight list but you may get immediate shipping pricing on our website when placing an order. Endless Prints cannot use a customer’s shipping account to ship orders. All orders will be shipped under the Endless Prints account with the carrier of our choice. Our web site is equipped with UPS & FedEx Address Verification system that checks all addresses for accuracy. This assures your package will arrive to the correct location. Please make sure that the address is spelled, abbreviated and submitted with the correct suite, unit, street number, and zip code. Any packages returned or re-routed in the event that the incorrect address is provided are subject to reshipment fees.

If you have any questions regarding shipping terms, please contact us